July 15, 2009

Is tantric sex for everyone? - ARTICLE

Is tantric sex for everyone?

Of course not!

Of 100 people, maybe 5 will feel attuned to this stream.

We live in a vast diversity of possibilities, traditions and spiritual approaches.

This is what makes the joy of being human.

It is the fact that we have choices. Many of them!

So, if tantric sex doesn't resonate with you, you don't have to embrace it or practice it.

Simply search for something that suits you better.

I have a total and profound respect for all traditions.

Yes, I prefer certain streams myself but these choices are personal not universal.

Everyone is 100% free and so are you.

Engage in tantric sex from this place of freedom and respect for any other tradition.

Using sexual energy as a mean for spiritual realization is by itself very specific.

Not everyone will recognize in that stream practices they want to engage into.

To your total and limitless freedom!