August 25, 2008

Sensual touch with oils - ARTICLE

Here is a simple approach to connect with your tantric sex partner.

This technique can be used as a foreplay for intimacy, by itself or alternated with other energy building techniques.

Simply sit crossed legged, half lotus or lotus facing each other .

You can be totally naked (ideal), top less or simply with arms and other parts of your upper body naked.

Use some sensual massage oil that you can find in new age shops or from the bodyshop brand for instance.

Then, simply close your eyes, breathe deeply a few times, relax for a couple minutes in that posture.

The goal now is to touch each other's body in a very gentle way.

In the beginning use only one or two fingers.

Poor a few drops of oil on them and touch your partner's arm, hand and expand to parts of the torso, breasts, shoulders, etc.

One person stays passive and simply enjoys the feelings. You can close your eyes and dive into the delight of having someone take care of you.

After a minute or more, you can alternate and if you have been the one touching, become the passive one.

You can alternate like this a few times and eventually start touching each other's body at the same time.

Keep using your full hand mainly for the end of this tantric session.

Just one or two fingers might be better in the beginning.

You can as well use the top of your five fingers, one hand or both hands.

Feel into it and trust your instinct.

It's not a fixed method ;)

Keep it subtle for a while.

Really! Don't rush!

You have plenty of time.

This builds up lots of sensuality and delight between the two of you.

If you want to intensify this, you can ad more oil and start massaging each other's body with the full hand at the same time.

You can then come closer, face to face and let one of the partners sit on the other's person lap.

You will then massage each other's body by playing with your two bodies against each other.

At this stage, this tantric session can of course evolve to higher levels of intimacy if you are open for it but it is always a good idea not to rush, so that the subtle delight and energy built between the two of you has space to expand.

If you engage into a more passionate style, you can as well, go much more wild and let passion take over.

This type of intimacy building creates intense waves of pleasure all over your body.

You discover each other's sensual responses and it is definitely a good thing to do if you want to rebuild intimacy with your partner for instance.

You can as well take pauses, stop half way and stay silent, eyes closed in front of each other, while you dive into a silent meditative moment.

Ad rhythm to this session.

For instance if you focus on touching a woman's breast, stay in that area for a minute before you let her take over and becomes the active one.

Same the other way round, if you touch a men's torso and start gently moving in direction of his lingam, you can approach it gently, lightly strike it just once and move away to build up desire.

If you don't know how long to stay in one area, use a few seconds to a minute as a general idea for your moves.

For instance, you alternate roles like every minute to every few minutes.

If you stretch a move for too long, the energy can slighty drop as well.

This is a dance you improvise and part of you already knows the exact pleasure moves.

Trust your instincts and own this moment.

You are the tantric artist ;)