August 25, 2008

Dance improvisation - Biodance - ARTICLE

Another approach you can ad to your tantric exploration!

This one is super powerful and can brings you to an intense inner trance with your tantric partner.

It can involve just one couple or more couples if you want to play this with more people.

Use candles for light, if possible, get some fresh air in the room and keep windows open unless, it's too cold or you don't want to disturb neighbours.

Find some nice sensual or ethnic music. I find indian or arabic music usually work great! Lounge and new age music are great as well.

Start play by standing still - as soon as you are ready start moving with the rhythm of the music.

Follow the inspiration as it comes.


This is not a perfromance you make for someone else, so no worries even if you feel a bit inexperienced at start.

It is a way of connecting with your own energy flow and letting it come out in waves of sensual movements.

After a few minutes you can either go on dancing separately or you can come closer to each other and for instance slightly touch each other's hands while you dance.

You can evolve towards full body contact, kisses, gentle touch, etc.

Go with the flow and trust your instinct.

Naked dance?

Sure! If you are both comfortable with it, you can be naked.

Nakedness, definitely ads a dimension of sensuality and intimacy.

It can be an intense sensual pleasure to see your tantric partner evolve naked in front of your eyes.

You can as well be more subtle and cover parts of your body with colourful silk scarves for instance.

You can suggest shapes and nakedness rather than revealing all at once.

As with other techniques, this dance can always evolve towards more passionate embraces and even more.

You can as well stop and stand still to listen to the inner energy flow and dive into your delightful sensations.

Listen to the rhythms!

Create beauty and enjoy the pleasures rising through your body.

To your tantric delight!