April 30, 2015


This last month, I recorded and published more than 100 new videos on Tantric Sex.

Right now, the content is conversation based with a few practice demonstrations.

No nakedness or display of erotic scenes yet.

I explain various principles to bring Tantric Sex into your life and many more juicy practice demonstrations will follow if the time is right.

I cover dozens of fascinating topics like:
  • How to invite your lover into Tantric Sex
  • How to create a sacred tantric sex space
  • Simple techniques to get you started with tantric sex
  • Juicy ways to activate your erotic power 
  • And much more...
Right now, the first video on this Tantric Sex series will be released around mid April.

After that, it is one new video per day on my youtube channel.

Right now, I am adding 5-10 new videos/day.

Videos are 3-15 min very targeted clips where I cover specific aspects of Tantric Sex.

As soon as videos are being launched in a couple weeks, you can really follow this series as a course and integrate the daily practices directly in your life.

This is one of the most powerful products I created in my 12 years of professional coaching.

It has the potential to radically empower your sex life and unleash a whole new wave of energetic bliss in your life.

At this stage, there is no price tag on any of that.

The videos are scheduled to be released on youtube in free access for everyone.

My intention here really comes from the heart.

We have been challenged a lot as a human race and we need new tools to evolve in the way sexual energy is used.

This is my contribution to a positive evolutionary step for the planet and humankind.

Be part of this adventure! 

Send me questions and feed back!

Sign up for one on one or couple sessions!

Invite me to teach or let's cocreate workshops and other events!


This videos are dedicated to you!

I might set up some mailing list system, group or membership soon but right now, the best way to get in and receive notifications for the new erotic kick video of the day is to subscribe to my youtube channel.

This intention might as well evolve to a more commercialized product if needed.

It is all evolving very fast right now.


I listen to the inner guidance of the spirit that inspires my steps!

I love you!