May 3, 2012

Sex deprivation - ARTICLE

Another core challenge in modern society.

My estimates is that 80% of people in the western world are sex deprived.

This means that they either don't get enough sex or the quality of their sex life is not high enough.

Let's check some examples.

Single people who are not in a relationship and not dating.

Among those, the ones who have no self pleasure practice or are overwhelmed by shame and guilt when self pleasuring.

Those who have a crush or unrequited love.

The teenagers or young adults who can't express their sexual desire.

The men and women who are either married or in a relationship and don't get enough sex or have a lousy sex life.

I believe that many men and women decide to divorce because their sex life no longer appeals to them.

Often sex act is still there but it has lost its passion and energy.

In other terms the quality of their sex life is not fulfilling enough.

If you want to check this yourself, look in your social circle.

Take men and women from the age of 15 to 75.

How many people do you know who you believe have an active fulfilling sex life?

Really check it out!

How many of these people would have more sex if given to them in a safe and nurturing space?

In your own life, have you ever been sex deprived?

For how long?

What is the quality of your sex life when you are sexually active?

See the challenge?

I believe this is a big issue in society and it is something that is hardly talked about.