July 14, 2010

Tantric sex minute - TIP

Along the same line as having a 15 tantric energy boost, you can do this for just a minute.

It can be in the form of an energy technique you practice together, a kissing minute, a quick lingam or yoni stimulation.

You can as well have sex with intercourse for just a minute.

Waking up desire this way without consuming it for more than a  minute can leave you with a high degree of excitement for the evening for instance.

You can as well practice this consciously and if circumstances allow it, have for instance 20 tantric energy minutes spread during the day.

You can decide to meet every 30 min for instance at fixed times.

Or you can go to your partner and play with them for a just a minute.

For this practice, it's important that you drop it after a minute. You trigger the excitement and desire for a minute and let go.

You can practice this at fixed times every 30 min or you can keep it open and spontaneously go to your partner when you want, at random intervals and play for a tantric sex minute.

In this tantric sex minute, you can practice an energy technique, yoni or lingam kissing, yoni or lingam massage, kissing, any form of sensual touch and even intercourse.