July 5, 2010

Sexual desire is beautiful! - TIP

Remove shame or guilt!

Somehow, society has developed this attitude or energy towards sexual desire, sexual exchange.

It feels like sexual desire for someone is something that people should be ashamed of.


Why did it come to that?

Take this example:

Suppose you are a man.

You go to a party.

You start chatting with this girl.

You start feeling aroused by her presence.

You start having fantasies about having sex with her right there.

Now, would you tell her?

Of course not, right?

The question is: WHY?


Is it "inappropriate"?

Is it insulting?

Do you diminish her in any way by feeling sexual desire towards her?

Something is happening in your mind and body right there.

This thing is sexual desire.

It is because of sexual desire that people have sex, procreate and each one of us is alive on this planet because of it!

We should be thankful for sexual desire and celebrate each time we feel it!


It is a delicious emotion that brings sparks of energy in people's lives.

Where did the shame come from?

Who defines what's appropriate or not?

Why would sex be something dirty that needs to be hidden?

Do you realize how much these beliefs shape society and human interactions?

In the example I mentioned above, what you really say when you express your desire to have sex with her is:

"I find you incredibly attractive and while I enjoy this conversation with you, I feel like touching your hair and kissing your lips.

I want to remove your clothes, be naked together and engage in a sexual dance with you. I am filled with desire to have you in my arms..."


Beautiful, right?

You just gave her a whole set of delicious compliments.

You told her that you like her, appreciate her beauty and are profoundly touched by her presence.

You feel a connection and want to express that connection.

By the way, if you are a woman feeling sexual desire for a man, the same applies. Same if you are gay as well.

That's what I see.

Sexual desire is a gift!

Feeling it is a blessing!