July 8, 2010

How to tell your partner to increase or decrease stimulation intensity - TIP

This one is an essential one especially for men.

If your tantric sex partner is a woman and she has no clear idea of how excited you are, she might go one step too far and make you lose semen.

That's the last thing you want!

You want to give her hints to tell her she can intensify or slow down.

The simplest way to do is to use 3 words:
  • Stronger
  • Softer
  • Perfect
Simple, right? ;)

Another way to go is to quantify your degree of excitement. That's even more precise and works really well.

Suppose that 0% is non excited and 100% is max excitement. 100% is when you would come.

With tantric sex, the goal is to navigate in the 80-90% zone without going all the way to 100% excitement.

So, you can give her hints.

For instance, if you feel she can go way further, you can say "60" or "70".

If she goes too far and you are about to come, simply say 95 to get her to slow down a bit.

You can as well use a hand sign like thumbs up for perfect, raise your hand up for more, or bring your hand down to get her to slow down.

You can use these feed back techniques if you are a woman as well.

Usually it is easier for a woman to control her orgasm and decide when she wants to come.

For a guy, usually it is very easy to get overstimulated and totally miss the tantric target.

If you are a woman, keep an eye on your male partner.

More importantly be aware that you don't want him to lose semen as this usually means the end of this tantric play session.