June 26, 2010

Sexual mastery for women - ARTICLE

Do you want to be in love?

Of course you do!

You like the feeling of having a crush too!

Now, what is VERY alienating is when you have a crush and no way of fulfilling your desires.

That's when it hurts!

It's stressful and creates pain!

You don't want to get rid of sexual attraction, desire, lust or sex!

All these are perfect!

They give you energy and make you feel alive.

You don't want to feel alienated or enslaved by emotions you have no idea how to tame, direct or control.

That's where it hurts.

Ultimately, it is about mastering your sexual energy and being able to play with it at will.

You want as well to generate sexual connection with any person you want.

That's every woman's dream.

It is to be able to get in a guy's head and get him to like you back.

I believe it is possible.

I see women expressing qualities that make them super attractive to men all the time.

Some of it has to do with looks of course, character, ambitions, sexiness, flirting skills, etc.

These are the usual things but there is one more that I think is the key!

This one is usually not expressed or described or talked about enough!


More than that! It is about being able to fulfill and man's profound sexual desires.

The key is tantric sex or taoist sex.

What does that mean?

That you know how to trigger and stimulate a man's desire.

You can trigger it through your attitude, the way you touch him, the way you stimulate him sexually.

That's when you REALLY hit the holly grail of sexual attraction and get in a man's mind.

You need to be able to stimulate a man's energy at will and truly own this skill.

To tell you the truth sexual intercourse is only a small fraction of these skills.

You have to put yourself in the position of the one who wants to serve this man as Shiva!

You see him like a God and you are a Goddess.

Don't worry, this is a 2 ways things and the situation will be reversed.

This means men will worship you as well and fulfill your deepest desires.

But for now, let's focus first on what you can give a man that will get him to come back to you over and over again for more.

You see, in most cases, men and women will have sex, one or both of them orgasms and this is it.

If the man loses semen, he will usually fall in the after sex stage.

This means that his sexual desire drops and his level of attraction towards you can collapse as well.

Even if you share a romantic moment afterwards by holding each other for instance, the following day, his desire to have sex with you could be much lower.

So, the key is to get him to hold his semen for much longer and even not lose it at all.

Put it this way: who will want to see you more the following day? A guy who is still burning with desire for you or the one who has already lost semen and is in the after sex stage?

You know that, right?

A man ejaculating before your orgasm can be one of the most frustrating sexual experiences you can have.

It changes everything!

You see him drifting away in a TOTALLY different reality.

You feel suddenly an emotional gap appearing between the two of you.

The reason this gap exists is because the energy that was fueling the emotional connection is gone.

It is really that simple!

A huge part of romantic love has to do with sexual attraction!

This is how we were programed by nature: to procreate.

So much of our social interactions and the way we handle them is about managing and triggering sexual desire.

So, back to men feeling attracted to you...

The moment you give a man incredible pleasure and are super confident with your sexual skills, guys come back to you over and over again.

Do you realize that some men will pay $300-$1000 just to experience that with a tantric goddess?

Tantric goddess is a nice way of saying "sacred courtesan" or "sacred prostitute".

The word prostitute has loads of negative associations and we are not talking about this here actually.

We are talking about skills, sexual skills.

You can be a tantric goddess and express your skills with just one man you feel committed to.

Or you can have a more open approach and have tantric sex with many partners.

Or you can engage in a commercial activity and be paid for your tantric sex services.

All these are variations and you need to find for yourself what suits you.

My point is that whatever way you want to express them, what you want are sexual confidence or sexual mastery.

These are skills!

They are your ability to tame Eros, the desire, the sexual energy in man's body and stimulate it at will.

When you lay on a massage table and you have a skilled massagist taking care of you, how does that make you feel?

A very skilled massagist can even take you to a mystical state and literally open a consciousness gateway in you.

That's skilled touch and that's the exact type of skill you need to develop if you want to connect with any man you want and get them to be and stay attracted to you.

That's the dance of Eros.

It is the art of mastering sexual energy in you and in others.

Guys can actually get bored with sex.

If what they experience with you is not exciting enough they will go and look somewhere else.

So, if you have everything, character, energy, beauty and feel that you still don't click with men you are attracted to, these are the skills you want to develop.

Practically, what are we talking about?

It is a infinite set of possibilities.

We are not talking about just a simple trick, ok?

We are talking about embodying EXACTLY what any man profoundly wants!


Again, it's a two ways thing!

So yes! a skilled male Daka or Tantrika will do this for you too.

Once you know that this is in fact what you want to develop, finding the techniques and practicing them is actually easy.

That's not the challenge.

The real challenge is to align yourself with that energy.

That's were many women fail because they don't know how to connect with that stream.

These skills we talk about are part of an inner school, an inner teaching which has been on the planet for a long time.

Over the centuries, these skills reappear here and there through the impulse of some tantric master.

Manifested tantric schools do exist but you can access these skills internally as well.

You can develop them.

These skills don't BELONG to just one tradition. They go beyond borders and limits.

They are free and open all over the world.

All you need is a desire to explore them and they will come to you.

The key words here are:




When you develop these qualities, it gives you a whole new edge in the way you relate to men!

And believe me, I have seen quite a few women express these skills!

It's unbelievable to see the desire they trigger in men instantly.

Don't be mistaken, ok? This is very far away from the porn stream.

What we talk about here is NOT some superficial experience based on a commercial system.

It is not cheap, slutty or vulgar.

We are talking something that goes way deeper than that.

It is refined! It is an art!

It is a spiritual stream that opens energy gateways in your body and mind.

And yes! That's any man's most profound desire!

This is what gives you the final dating or sex edge that guys are really looking for.

When you have it and embody it, you have it for life!

It's a set of skills, attitudes and a incredible level of sexual confidence that you will NEVER forget!

THIS is what you are looking for.

You can go around in circles testing everything I said.

You can look for alternatives and other ways to access a man's mind.

You will eventually come back to what I am saying now.

Many women realize this when they are in their 40's or 50's after a broken marriage or a series of frustrating relationships.

Every single woman I know is in fact looking for these skills.

The ones who already have them, want to perfect them.

Every love and desire you ever had in your existence can be fulfilled once you master sexual energy in you and in men.

Mastering doesn't mean control, ok?

It means playing with it at will!

Being able to stimulate it or silent it at will.