December 16, 2009

What is sexual freedom? - ARTICLE

For most people sexual freedom means sleeping with whoever you want whenever you want.

Within the tantric experience, sexual freedom can take a much deeper meaning: freeing the sexual energy in your being.

Sex is simply a source of energy and vitality in your being.

It is a form of life force.

When you free it, you naturally expand its reach and impact.

By doing so, you clarify your mind and reach all the benefits I mentioned earlier.

I really like thinking of sexual freedom as the expansion and free flow of sexual energy in your body and mind.

Rather than constricting it within a limited mind frame, you give it more space and allow it to flow.

There is a dimension of mastery in this as well.

If you feel like a slave of your sexual desire, it obviously limits you in live.

The ultimate goal is to play with the sexual energy at will: wake it up if you want to; tame it if you need to.

If you feel that sex is an unsolved issue, sexual freedom is really the ultimate goal on that level.

Sexual freedom means precisely that sex is no longer an issue.

You own your sexual energy and are able to play with that force at will.