December 16, 2009

Obsessive and fanatical attitudes - ARTICLE

Stay in charge of your life.

Sex can enslave you.

It can be like alcohol or any form of addictive behaviors.

The goal is to stay on top of these energies.

Imagine these big waves on a Hawaiian beach.

Learning to play with your tantric fire is like learning to surf these waves.

This fire is energy and your goal is to use and tame that energy, not to be enslaved.

Obsessive attitudes lead to intolerance and extreme behaviors.

You might force sex tantra on yourself or on others.

This is a mistake you must not commit.

You must maintain respect for yourself and others at all times.

You must respect as well other aspects of your life and feed them accordingly.

Tantric sex brings in a new energy in your life.

Learn to balance it up with other aspects of your existence.

Fanatical attitudes do not serve you on the long term because they isolate you and often lead you to dead ends.

Learn the exact balance and feed all aspects of your life like profession, social life and health.

The goal is to find a balance you can easily maintain on the long term.