December 16, 2009

How to reach sexual bliss - ARTICLE

When you reach sexual bliss the idea of orgasm is totally gone.

This “explosive” orgasmic experience is transmuted into a continuous state of bliss which can last for hours, days or even longer.

If you are very experienced with tantric sex, you might even enter into a permanent state of bliss.

At that stage, even the need for sex can disappear.

This is the moment when your sexual desire and energy fully bursts into the other chakras and creates a whole new state of consciousness and awareness.

It can take long to fully master these states of bliss.

Mastering them means being able to create them and intensify them at will.

Again, the most important element is that sex is no longer used as a mean for procreation or short term orgasmic gratification.

It is consciously used as a source of infinite energy.

The inner transformations associated with tantric sex take some harmonizing time to integrate.

The ideal is to practice yoga, exercise and eat healthy at the same time.

These side practices allow you to integrate these new energies much faster and harmonize them within your being.