December 16, 2009

How to practice tantric sex in your couple - ARTICLE

The key idea is open communication.

You need to share not only on the sexual level but on the verbal level as well.

The goal is to create synergy and complicity.

You need to understand and respect the limits of your partner.

You need to listen and share.

The best way to do this is to set time aside to talk about what you experience.

Be open minded.

The next step is to protect your tantric sex space.

Not all times are suitable for practicing.

Sometimes, your partner won’t be in the mood or simply too tired.

Respect is truly the key word for your couple.

Don’t ever push or force. You will generate the exact opposite result to what you expected if you do.

One of the key challenges for modern couples is to find space and time for intimacy.

When you are rushing the whole week with practicalities it can be very challenging to find a romantic moment for you and your partner.

Focus on it and start creating time.

Find out if tantric sex is an exploration you both want to invest into.

Again, dialogue, respect and love are the key values you must remember at all times