December 16, 2009

How to establish tantric love in your relationship - ARTICLE

As you can imagine, tantric sex is about love.

What you establish with your partner goes far beyond sex.

It touches all aspects of your connection with your lover and partner.

You feel a sense of profound union any time, not just when you are actively engaged in tantric sex.

This means as well that what you do beyond your tantric sex activities matters immensely.

Tantric sex does not start the moment you sleep together or ends up when you let go of your sexual embrace.

Imagine seeing someone as your own essence.

Imagine that everything you do to your partner is what you would love having it done to you.

It’s that simple.

When you engage into sharing tantric sex with your partner, you start functioning much more as a unit.

This is never a limitation.

The idea of control of your lover’s actions, behaviors or thoughts must be totally gone and replaced by a sense of total freedom.

This freedom you want to establish in the core of your couple is the key to the expansion of your tantric essence.

This is what multiplies the effect of tantric sex.