July 10, 2009

Social freezing - ARTICLE

This one is a big one!

When you engage in tantric sex and actively express that energy, you will challenge people around you.

Suppose you talk about it at a social event or discuss some ideas with a close friend, you will get feed back and very often resistance as well.

To transmit these ideas further and express tantric sex in your life you need extra power, focus and energy.

This tantric energy is VERY specific.

It involves clear mind sets even though there is infinite room for interpretation, the dynamics I mention here are usually present...

That is unless you are surrounded by people who already want to experience tantric sex.

If they are already in that stream living it day by day, resistance will be very low, it could even be non existent or even turn into a positive force.

So, this impact from your environment is always there.

If you feel resitstance, it is usually coming from you + people around you.

These ideas CHALLENGE most individuals.

In fact even talking about sex is challenging for so many.

So, when you dive into the technical details of a tantric sex exploration, of course many people will react.

Even if they say nothing, you still pick up a "wave" of energy resistance.

So, here are some ideas to tackle this specific challenge:

  • First make sure that this energy is strong enough in you before you try to influence any body!

If what you talk about stays on a conceptual level and you don't own yet this energy or techniques, you will waste precious life force hitting walls in other people.


  • Engage directly practically into action rather than concepts.

If you already own these tools, then take tantric action. This means that the moment you are sharing intimacy with someone, you can introduce a practice and inspire others with tantric sex.

Again, you don't need explanations, simply slightly direct the exchange you have and ad tantric elements to this exchange.

This must be subtle of course because you don't want your sex partner to feel overpowered or controlled.

You can ask for permission first.

For instance, if you want to use oils on their body, ask them if they are ok with it.

If you want to take a sitting position together, again, gently guide them that way.

You need to be super flexible with that.

I'll say more about the art of guiding your partner in another post...


  • Keep moving forward

People need what you have to offer them.

Your future partners will be delighted to share tantric energies with you.

Most people crave for that but rarely have the tools to develop that energy in them.

They simply don't master it.

They will probably still resist because a tantric approach can conflict with other minds sets people can have.

They can:

  • Be trapped in the more traditional family models.
  • Be surrounded by undigested built in feelings around sex.
  • Be very distrusting of anyone who invokes eastern spirituality.
  • Etc.

The point is that unless you are leading a seminar on this topic or you are faced with a social audience which is really open minded, you don't have to convince everyone.

It is much better to focus your action and hit your target.

Your target is an experience!

The trick is to be armed with extra trust and a couple of break through techniques.