July 10, 2009

Giving up on tantric sex? - Are you actually defeated or simply quitting? - ARTICLE

As I said earlier, it takes focus and consistency to win with tantric sex.

Most people will only scratch the surface, have some experiences and then give up because of lack of focus.

When this happens, you are not defeated, you simply quit.

The thing is that you don't have too many reminders of that energy.

You can easily give up because of lack of support or inspiration.

This is why you can see this tantric quest as a battle.

The environment you live in is VERY practical and material oriented.

It is rare to wake up in the morning and for instance dedicate your day to tantric sex exploration.

Why is that?

Because tantric sex is NOT main stream in the West.

Unless you are surrounded by a community dedicated to that quest, the only place you hear about tantric sex is probably through a book in a bookshop somewhere.


Your next options are to sign up for a workshop on this topic or check for some resources online.

So, when the idea comes to mind to make tantric sex a very core aspect of your life, it can appear seriously challenging simply because of lack of mile stones reminding you of that stream.

My answer is simple: don't quit!

Even a tiny little step forward is STILL a step forward.

Tantra is an energy you build up.

It is a source of power and inspiration you can embody through your actions and mind sets.

Instead of quitting, simply take another small step forward and you will be amazed by what happens next: you will see the path towards another step after that, and another, and another, and another...

Tantra does NOT give up on you.

If you trust that stream, if you believe in it, you will always see one more possible step forward.

Rather than hesitating, guessing, conceptualizing, simply take that step instead.

Hesitation builds up resistance.

Action builds up trust.

ANY action is a victory.

Even if that action isn't perfect or incomplete.

It is still one step forward that brings you a little closer to your goal.

To your Tantra!