August 25, 2008

Ask for permission - ARTICLE

This is something to remember with all these practices.

Check with your partner every now and then to see if they like what you do and if you are not going too far.

Be ready to respectfully stop what you are doing if you notice that anything makes them uncomfortable.

To check if they want to go further, you can say:
  • Everything ok? - Do you like that?
  • Let me know if at any moment you want to stop, ok? - It's important that you feel totally safe
  • Is it ok if I touch you with some oil?
  • Etc.
Listen, ok?

Always be respectful and give your tantric partner all the space they need if they want to interupt a session or need to take it more slowly.

Never be pushy or demanding.

You know that already of course ;)

To your tantric delight