August 27, 2007

Tantric sex dance! - ARTICLE

Tantric sex dance!

This is one of the most amazing ways to build up tantric energy between you and your partner.

Choose a nice music, ethnic, mysterious and vibrant.

Get naked and dance, improvise on these beats.

You can touch yourself or touch your partner but in a subtle way.

Don't let passion and excitement take over.

Instead, focus on the beauty of your movements and the play between the two of you.

Play with each other's bodies!

Explore each other's sensuality!

Use your breathing.

Take postures.

Use smiles and a vast diversity of looks towards each other.

This in itself is an amazing tantric sex build up.

The proximity of your bodies will of course trigger sexual tension.

Use kisses and subtle touches. Caress each other's yoni and lingam in very subtle ways.

Let the music and dance take you like a wakeful trance.

If you practiced that with your partner and feel ready for it, you can always invite another experienced couple to your tantric sex dance.

Stay subtle and let the flow of your sensual expression and delight build up in waves of magical fire.

To your Tantric power!