August 28, 2007

Tantric power - ARTICLE

When you build up tantric energy, the main challenge is to keep it active in you.

You are confronted with practicalities and business realities every day.

Your mind gets filled with information which tends to clutter your life force.

So, the main challenge is for your tantric power to be strong enough to stand by itself without being wiped out by all that.

This is why you need a solid strategic approach which does really work within a modern environment.

Now, there is a way to get this right!

You do need to understand the power dynamics involved though.

See your mind and your life as a territory.

Energies compete to manifest themselves in and through you.

These can be the energies of nature, a city, your family, friends, a business idea, a marketing message, a spiritual discipline, a personal ambition, etc.

These are all "plans" with a specific sponsoring force.

When you decide to engage into tantric sex, you need to create space in your mind and life for that.

Again, you will manifest what you focus on.

If your mind is busy with a business concept for most of your day, this is what you will reflect energy wise.

Your thoughts and emotions will reflect that specific business energy.

You will be filled with marketing ideas, dreams of wealth and business success, practicalities, research activities, etc.

If you focus on tantric sex, you will manifest delight and sensual pleasure. You will focus on postures, techniques and tantric skills. You will expand your awareness and your level of life force, etc.

What makes the difference between let's say a business target and the tantric sex target is simply action, vision and sponsoring energy.

Now, one of the key challenges is that certain energies are over present in your life while the tantric sex energy is only rarely invoked or mentioned to the average person.

You will for instance be bombarded with marketing messages and demands from a modern life style, while you can spend a whole life time without ever coming across a message which reminds you of your tantric potential.

The way to tackle this challenge is quite simple actually: focus!

If your goal is to build up tantric sex energy, you simply need to focus on it regularly and give more space to that stream than to other aspects of your life you consider unimportant.

Technically, if you take 10 steps/day geared towards building up tantric energy, your tantric power will expand very fast.

On the other hand, if you simply wait for the tantric energy to come to you by chance, you could be waiting for a long time.

The way to reach your goals is to take conscious action consistently so that your tantric power increases.

It is that simple, really!

Now, the good news is that you do have sexual instincts already. Together with spiritual aspirations, these are the fuels which feed your tantric action.

In other terms, when you do feel sexual desire, need for intimate connection or a call for total unity, all you have to do is manifest this internal drive within a tantric sex context.

You have the fire. Tantric sex gives you a path or a system to get there.

To your Tantric power!