August 30, 2007

Maithuna Tantra = Sexual union tantra - MANTRA

Here is a mantra you can use to invoke on the idea, mind sets and actions of perfect sexual union through tantra:

Maithuna Tantra

Maithuna = Sexual union

You can write this calligraphy down whenever you feel the desire to connect with tantric sex.

Write down this calligraphy as many times as you want and keep what you write in your "tantric temple". This will polarize the energy towards that goal and give you focus as well.

You can as well engrave it on a stone and keep it in your tantric temple.

You can as well repeat this word together with your partner when you practice tantric sex. You simply repeat this mantra with the rhythm of your body's movements. Simply sing the words out loud or whisper them in a rhythmic way.

You can as well meditate on this mantra. This will call this energy reality into your life.

Remember that it can take 1 to 3 months of practice for this mantra and energy reality to be part of you. If you use the mantra in a calligraphic form, this means that you will write down sets of mantras (3x is a good choice) every day in the evening before you go to rest or when you wake up in the morning for instance.

Same if you meditate on this mantra. Use for instance short 5 minutes meditation sets.

So, Don't give up after one try, ok? :)

This mantra is a gate way. It is an energy reality which starts embodying itself through you.

You become an agent of that reality.

Now, what you will experience might not be spectacular. In fact you might feel absolutely nothing except for a progressive build up of your tantric power.

One day, you will wake up and realize that you are actually there!

You feel that you now express that energy at 80%-100%.

It is really like a muscle you build up at the gym. This energy becomes stronger and stronger in you as you focus on this type of mantras. You simply build up your Tantric Power.

More mantras coming soon :)

To your tantric power!