August 28, 2007

Your ability to turn any place into a tantric temple - ARTICLE

If you go through a typical shopping mal, you won't see many elements reminding you of a tantric temple.

Now, when you master the tantric sex energy, you take it wherever you go.

That's the power which is given to you.

It is so strongly in you that you reflect it in your being and towards others.

Being in a state of Tantra means being alive and feeling connected energy wise with what surrounds you.

It is a state of awareness and high level of flowing energy.

You simply feel that your life force is awake and flowing.

What if you feel challenged by your environment?

What if you have to work in a cubicle and can't get fresh air for a day?

Are you still able to maintain that fresh energy in your system?


Well, you need to regenerate and go back to nature regularly.

Practice tantric sex with your partner.

If you can, simply step out of a limiting environment and simply choose for spaces which reflect your internal state.

What about your house and personal environment?

Can you create a space which reflects tantric power?

Of course you can.

Ask yourself this simple question:

On a scale of 0% to 100%, how alive is your personal space?

If your personal space does not "breathe" it is your job to make it alive!

Yes, you can!

These are probably some of the most empowering steps you can take!

Here are some tips:
  • Ad nature, flowers, fresh fruits, etc.
  • Ad streaming water, ponds, fountains.
  • Choose the right location, peaceful and refreshing.
  • Ad pictures, mantras, sculputures, calligraphies. Some of my favorites are pictures of khajuraho and some calligraphies I write myself.
  • Create beauty. This is one of your key guiding forces: the quest to reflect beauty in you and in your personal space.
  • Sing and dance. It clears the air.
  • Clean your space and get rid of clutter. Ad freshness.
  • Create space!
  • Marble, crystals, incense, candels.
  • Etc.

Okay, these are some of the basics!

Remember that this is more than decorating your personal space.

Any object or element reflects a message.

Think about the objects you choose.

What is their story?

What do they tell you?

When you practice that path, you quickly notice that you develop a "tantric" taste for the way you create your personal space.

One aspect of an object is its esthetical value.

Another aspect is its energy content.

When you engage into tantra, your personal space is your tantric temple.

It is your tantric temple and reflects the tantric energy exactly according to what you put in it.

Don't think that you need to go to some remote tropical forest in India to experience a tantric environment.

You can create and manifest a tantric temple right where you are!

There is more to say on how to consciously recondition a neutral environment. More on this coming soon :)

Tou your tantric power!