July 31, 2007

"What I’m Listening To - Vital Coaching"

Alex from http://www.podcastjunky.co.uk/ just offereed my podcasts this great review!

I am honored by his words and delighted he found value in the hundreds of power kicks I recorded so far.

Here are his words:

"In need of some motivation lately I found www.vitalcoaching.com together with its podcasts and plethora of downloadable MP3s.

Presented by Francisco Bujan the founder and director of Vital Coaching, these podcasts bring a refreshing air of encouragement and motivation to anyone in need of an emotional boost.

Francisco’s bright and bouncy presentation gives these podcasts a nice welcome edge and you can’t help feel inspired and motivated by what he says.

Check out Vital Coaching at www.vitalcoaching.com with its numerous MP3 files or simply subscribe to Vital Coaching’s podcasts via iTunes here."

Thanks again Alex!

I appreciate your words and feed back!